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119717 - 1+1 = 3: How Cloud is Transforming Public Sector for Rapid Innovation There is an increasing need for government to leverage innovation. Chief Innovation Officers (CINOs) and other senior leaders tasked with IT and infrastructure modernization are answering this call and leading dynamic, cross-cutting IT modernization efforts at every level of government, in the U.S. and across the Americas. This session will feature leading CINOs and other technology leaders in government, who have taken the spirit of cloud-first mandates to motivate change in their organizations. Hear customers share how they’ve successfully navigated and adapted policy to be a strategic enabler that drives transformation within their organizations. 50 Min Breakout Session John Stephenson - Senior Manager, AWS Public Policy, Amazon Web Services
Chris Chiancone - Chief Information Officer, City of Plano
Zeena Abdulla - Head of Digital Government, Government of Ontario
125989 - Accelerate Value Capture from Your Big Data, IoT, and AI Initiatives with 1/10th the Effort — Real World Examples with C3 IoT and AWS Like their private-sector peers, many public-sector organizations are awash in different types of data yet struggle to utilize these assets to benefit taxpayers and constituents. This session will explore best practices from actual deployments at leading global organizations that have unlocked value with C3 IoT and AWS, including: improved identification of fraud; improving lives by addressing pharmaceutical drug dependency; and significantly reducing energy costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainability reporting. All organizations face challenges associated with: 1) unifying and federating disparate and ever-growing data sets, 2) efficiently mining these data for valuable insights using machine learning and other advanced analytic techniques, 3) operationalizing these insights into front-line applications, and finally, 4) driving change management. These challenges quickly overwhelm typical IT systems and approaches, and require a software platform that applies big data, predictive analytics, and IoT to deliver a new generation of predictive applications. With C3 IoT and AWS, organizations are proven to quickly solve real-world problems in a fraction of the time. Armed with actionable predictions and access to all their data, these entities can prioritize and optimize resources across their value chains to enhance operational efficiency, enable new services, and better serve constituents. 50 Min Breakout Session Nikhil Krishnan - Vice President, Products, C3 IoT
119718 - Accelerating Innovation in the Government Private sector innovation is critical to helping government run smoother and more efficiently. When government agencies can take advantage of the latest technology, they can provide better services and make better use of our tax dollars. New technologies can be the driving force behind needed change. Accelerator programs help by providing emerging technology companies with everything they need to succeed in the federal market, but there is more to be done. Attend this session and learn about the biggest challenges emerging technologies face when entering the market and how to overcome them. Hear first-hand lessons learned from a startup making a big splash in the government to drive innovation. We'll also discuss the importance of the federal partner ecosystem, VC community, and government's involvement in investing in the startup ecosystem to create a more efficient government. 50 Min Breakout Session Tad Anderson - WWPS Venture Capital & Startup, Amazon Web Services
Mark Sole - CEO, Sipree
Rick Gordon - Managing Partner, MACH37
Meagan Metzger - Founder & CEO, Dcode42
Chris Nicholson - CEO, Skymind
119734 - Accelerating Security in C2S Join us for a discussion of Security Accreditation in C2S. Learn from our customer on how to speed Authority to Operate (ATO) using tools and techniques available in the cloud. 50 Min Breakout Session John Nicely - US Government
125040 - Advanced Security Compliance and Risk Management with Xacta 360: Customer Showcase AWS customers from the U.S. federal government showcase their experiences with the advanced features of Xacta 360 to illustrate streamlined compliance processes. The new Xacta 360 from Telos Corporation operationalizes the NIST RMF, using such cutting-edge features as Adaptive Controls Mapping and Advanced Inheritance to smooth the path to compliance and leverages AWS APIs to continuously monitor for changes in risk posture. 50 Min Breakout Session Stephen Horvath Jr. - Vice President, Strategy & Cloud, Telos
Richard Tracy - Chief Security Officer, Telos
Richard Scher - 25th Air Force
Richard Johnson - Director of Transportation Security and Safety, Department of Homeland Security
Russell Marsh - Information Technology Manager, Department of Energy
119733 - Advanced Techniques for DDoS Mitigation and Web Application Defense Security professionals and full-stack engineers will learn how to defend against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and web application exploits by using automation to monitor activity, configure rate limiting, and deploy network filtering rules. This session will show you how to use Lambda functions to automate event response and integrate with your security operations tools. You will become an expert in advanced techniques to help you protect and monitor your AWS networks and resources using services such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Web Application Firewall, Amazon Shield, and more. You will also learn how to monitor and gain deep visibility into your AWS environment by using highly-scaled solutions such as AWS CloudTrail and AWS CloudWatch 50 Min Breakout Session Sundar Jayashekar - Senior Product Manager, Amazon Web Services
Jeffrey Lyon - Manager DDoS Ops Engineering, Amazon Web Services
119727 - AI on AWS The growing number of business cases for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) continues to drive the development of cutting-edge technology solutions. We see this manifested in computer vision, predictive modeling, natural language understanding, and recommendation engines. Learn how you can develop your own applications to leverage the benefits of these services. Join this presentation to hear more about ML and DL at AWS. 50 Min Breakout Session Matt Wood - Director of Deep Learning, Amazon Web Services
David Woody - Director, Innovative Solutions, American Heart Association
119654 - Amazon CloudWatch Logs and AWS Lambda: A Match Made in Heaven In this session, we cover three common scenarios that include Amazon CloudWatch Logs and AWS Lambda. First, you learn to build an Elasticsearch cluster from historical data using Amazon S3, Lambda, and CloudWatch Logs. Next, you learn to add details to CloudWatch alarm notifications using Amazon SNS and Lambda. Finally, we show you how to bring Elastic Load Balancing logs to CloudWatch Logs using S3 bucket triggers from Lambda. 50 Min Breakout Session Leo Zhadanovsky - Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
119726 - An Introduction to AWS: A Platform Overview AWS provides on-demand computing resources and services in the cloud with pay-as-you-go pricing. This session produces a foundational understanding of AWS and illustrates how tapping into AWS resources rather than depending on your own is like purchasing electricity from a power company instead of running your own generator. Using AWS services delivers many of the same benefits as a public utility: capacity that exactly matches your need, payment only on what you use, lower costs due to economies of scale, and service from a vendor experienced in running large-scale networks. Listen to a high-level overview of AWS’s infrastructure and AWS services and trace the progression of AWS since 2008 as we've grown from a handful of IaaS services to a massive platform of 80+ IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. Attend this session to fully comprehend the unending possibilities that AWS creates for its users today. Learn how AWS is empowering customers to consume AWS capabilities at the same rapid rate that AWS innovates. 50 Min Breakout Session Mark Smith - Solutions Architect Manager, Amazon Web Services
Dustin Sell - Solutions Architect Academy Manager, Amazon Web Services
119653 - Application Lifecycle Management in a Serverless World Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda provide a new way of building applications by removing servers from the picture. But what does the removal of servers mean to tasks like deployment, monitoring, and debugging? How should you set up blue-green deployments or set alarms? Come learn all this and more, including ways to use AWS services and tools like AWS CodePipeline, AWS CloudFormation, and Amazon CloudWatch to manage your serverless applications at high quality. We will also demonstrate how you can implement a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline for a serverless application within minutes using AWS CodeStar. 50 Min Breakout Session Xiang Shen - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
119696 - Architectures for HPC and HTC Workloads on AWS Researchers and IT professionals using High Performance Computing (HPC) and High Throughput Computing (HTC) need large scale infrastructure in order to move their research forward. Neuroimaging employs a variety of computationally demanding techniques with which to interrogate the structure and function of the living brain. Tara Madhyastha with the University of Washington, Department of Radiology, is demonstrating these methods at scale. This session will provide reference architectures for running your workloads on AWS, enabling you to achieve scale on demand, and reduce your time to science. We will also debunk myths about HPC in the cloud and show techniques for running common on-premises workloads in the cloud. 50 Min Breakout Session Linda Hedges - Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Dr. Tara Madhyastha - Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Washington
125398 - ATO in a Day Moving to the cloud means that you can implement changes to systems fast, but too many times delays happen because it takes too long to get the Authorization to Operate (ATO). By reevaluating the agency's Risk Management Framework (RMF), NGA has enabled its team to deliver software to the agency's mission at a faster pace never before possible. The presentation will describe the modified assessment and authorization process, the use of DevOps and Agile methodologies and the role of security automation to speed ATO. 50 Min Breakout Session Chris Gile - Senior Manager, Security Assurance, Amazon Web Services
Scott Kaplan - Deputy Chief, Cloud Security, National Geospatial Agency
Sebastian Taphanel - Cybersecurity Architect,
119667 - Automating Amazon WorkSpaces Desktop and AppStream 2.0 Application Provisioning with the End User Lifecycle Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed, secure desktop computing service which runs on the AWS Cloud. Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed, secure application streaming service that allows you to stream desktop applications from AWS to any device running a web browser. This session will demonstrate how to automate Amazon WorkSpaces desktop and Appstream 2.0 application provisioning to provide users the appropriate experience as they enter, change roles, and leave an organization. Topics presented will include the Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer, AppStream 2.0 federated sign-in using SAML 2.0, and customer use cases. 50 Min Breakout Session Andrew DeFoe - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Alex Pereluka - Virtual Desktop Server Technician, Arizona Department of Trasportation
125990 - AWS Big Data and Analytics Services Speed Innovation Data-driven agencies face extreme data integration and analytics challenges. Decades of point solutions have solved specific mission problems while creating valuable data stores. However, these data stores are not integrated and are stored in information silos. AWS's powerful data ingestion and integration services now allow agencies to rapidly store more in data lakes for deeper analytics. Join this discussion on how FAA and other agencies have leveraged AWS data integration and analytic services to optimize and innovate with their previously untapped information silos. 50 Min Breakout Session David Vennergrund - ‎Director, Data Science Service Area, CSRA
119731 - AWS Compute Overview: Servers, Containers, Serverless, and Batch The AWS Compute platform has expanded EC2 instance types including FPGA and new GPU instances. There are also other ways to run workloads in AWS including Lambda (serverless), ECS (managed Docker), and AWS Batch (batch computing). This session will cover the newest instance types in EC2 and review AWS Lambda, ECS, and Batch. 50 Min Breakout Session Mark Smith - Solutions Architect Manager, Amazon Web Services
119691 - AWS Marketplace and AWS GovCloud (US): A New Platform for Public Sector Software and Solutions AWS Marketplace is an online store that helps customers discover, purchase, migrate, and immediately start using the software and services they need to build products and run mission systems in the cloud. This session will cover customer examples and use cases for government and regulated workloads leveraging consumption-based software from the AWS Marketplace. It will also introduce listing software in AWS and AWS GovCloud (US) for ISV and Systems Integrators focused on building low-friction tools and offering powerful business and technical solutions. Come learn how AWS Marketplace and AWS GovCloud (US) can accelerate your outcomes. 50 Min Breakout Session Barry Russell - General Manager Catalog Business Development, Amazon Web Services
Keith Brooks - Manager - AWS GovCloud (US), Amazon Web Services
119669 - Best Practices for Active Directory with AWS Workloads Directories are critical infrastructure used by applications to access information and policies about people, computers, and devices. Directories in the cloud help developers and enterprises focus on their core businesses without having to worry about directory deployment, global scale, availability, and performance. AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (Enterprise Edition), also known as Microsoft AD, provides Active Directory in the cloud for traditional .NET and Windows applications. It is also a prerequisite in new regions to connect AWS applications, such as Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon RDS SQL Server and QuickSight, with Active Directory users on premises or in the cloud. 50 Min Breakout Session Mike Cotton - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
119693 - Best Practices for Data Warehousing with Amazon Redshift Get a look under the covers: Learn tuning best practices for taking advantage of Amazon Redshift's columnar technology and parallel processing capabilities to improve your delivery of queries and improve overall database performance. This session explains how to migrate from existing data warehouses, create an optimized schema, efficiently load data, use workload management, tune your queries, and use Amazon Redshift's interleaved sorting features.You’ll then hear from a customer who has leveraged Redshift in their industry and how they have adopted many of the best practices. 50 Min Breakout Session Tony Gibbs - Data Warehouse Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Jessica Kahn - Director, Data and Systems Group, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Todd Griffiths - Principal Database Lead, FINRA
119670 - Best Practices for Microsoft Architectures on AWS Learn best practices for architecting fully available and scalable Microsoft solutions and environments on AWS. Find out how Microsoft solutions can leverage various AWS services to achieve more resiliency, replace unnecessary complexity, simplify architecture, provide scalability, introduce DevOps concepts, automation, and repeatability. Plan authentication and authorization, various hybrid scenarios with other cloud environment and on-premises solutions and infrastructure. Learn about common architecture patterns for Active Directory and business productivity solutions, like SharePoint, Exchange, and Skype for Business, also common scenarios for SQL deployments and System Center. 50 Min Breakout Session Bill Jacobi - Senior Solutions Architect - Specialist, Amazon Web Services
119729 - Best Practices Using Big Data on AWS Join us for this general session where AWS big data experts present an in-depth look at the current state of big data. Learn about the latest big data trends and industry use cases. Hear how other organizations are using the AWS big data platform to innovate and remain competitive. Take a look at some of the most recent AWS big data developments. 50 Min Breakout Session Bob Griffiths - Solutions Architect Manager, Amazon Web Services
Ranganathan Rajagopal - Senior Director, FINRA
119662 - Better Accessibility with Lex, Polly, and Alexa Most AWS services can be applied at scale. We'll provide a demo of what and how these services help modernize interactions with IT systems even those with government regulations and requirements. We will also demonstrate ways the overall solution helps meet those requirements. GeorgiaGov Interactive will share their story on how they are using Alexa to reach more disabled residents, extending its informational and transactional services onto Amazon's voice-driven platform. 50 Min Breakout Session Sri Elaprolu - Senior Manager, Public Sector IoT, Amazon Web Services
Nikhil Deshpande - Director, Digital Services, GeorgiaGov Interactive
121670 - Big Data in the Cloud: How the RISElab Enables Computers to Make Intelligent Real-time Decisions Scientists, developers, and other technologists from many different industries are taking advantage of Amazon Web Services to perform big data workloads from analytics to using data lakes for better decision making to meet the challenges of the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of digital information. This session will feature UCB's RISELab (Real time Intelligent Secure Execution), a new lab recently created at UCB to enable computers to make intelligent, real-time decisions. You will hear how they are building on their earlier success with AMPLab to enable applications to interact intelligently and securely with their environment in real time, wherever computing decisions need to interact with the world. From cybersecurity to coordinating fleets of self-driving cars and drones to earthquake warning systems, you will come away with insight on how they are using AWS to develop and experiment with the systems for important research. 50 Min Breakout Session Ion Stoica - Professor of Computer Science Division, University of California Berkeley
126898 - Breaking the Live 4K Barrier: Producing the First Live 4K Stream from Space The challenges in streaming the first live 4K video content from the ISS to Earth were considerable. In this presentation, video producers and network architects looking ahead to a live 4K future will learn how NASA and Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineered a complete, resilient workflow that brought this industry-first event to viewers everywhere using scalable cloud and software enabled workflows. 50 Min Breakout Session Dylan Mathis - Communications Manager, NASA
Laura Barber - Senior Director of Field Marketing & Publicity, AWS Elemental
Keith Wymbs - Chief Marketing Officer, AWS Elemental
119651 - Building a DevOps Culture in Public Sector Learn how to take your organization from manually tweaking and deploying servers and applications to automating the process, all the way from infrastructure to application code. In this session, we discuss how to structure teams to use DevOps, Service-Oriented Architecture, and Microservices. We evaluate the skill sets that are required for this and ways to attain or train employees to be sure that they have these skill sets. Customers who have gone through a transition to DevOps will discuss what the journey was like and lessons learned along the way. 50 Min Breakout Session Emil Lerch - Principal Consultant, Amazon Web Services
Scott Moomaw - Senior Manager of DevOps Adoption and Implementation, Ellucian
David Joseph - Senior Director DevOps Adoption and Implementation, Ellucian
Scott Day - Chief Technology Officer, SoundExchange
Reid Badgett - Senior Director of Engineering, SoundExchange
119680 - CJIS Evidence Management in the Cloud using AWS GovCloud (US) Most law enforcement agencies today manage, store, process, analyze, and report on digital forensics using on-premises data centers for computing. Digital forensics is a spiky workload that requires ever increasing storage. Workloads for digital evidence are increasing as it becomes routine to collect laptops, thumb drives, phones, and media (video, images, etc.) during criminal investigations. With oscillating workloads and a need for large amounts of storage, digital forensics is prime workload for the AWS Cloud. This session explores the use of AWS in the tracking and evolution of digital forensics. Learn how to tackle CJIS evidence management in the cloud using AWS GovCloud (US). 50 Min Breakout Session Alex Corley - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
119663 - Cloud-Enabled Transformation Panel Organizations around the world are taking advantage of cloud not only to reduce cost, but transform the way they deliver on the mission. This panel features leaders from public sector organizations across the globe and the transformative impact they are having using AWS. You will hear from panelists like CyberNB, the Government of New Brunswick’s tech focused arm and how they are enhancing workforce development, education and cyber security research enabling k-12 students to learn IoT, The State Minnesota’s transformative focus on internal and external capabilities using AWS services and Santillana, a global educational solutions provider and how they are breaking down innovation barriers with cloud and Global Giving, a non-profit organization migrating all in on AWS to reduce costs and better tackle their mission of raising money that democratizes aid and philanthropy. 50 Min Breakout Session Blake Chism - Professional Services, Practice Manager, Amazon Web Services
Justin Rupp - Senior Systems Ninja, GlobalGiving
Thomas Schaeffer - Chief Operating Officer & Assistant Commissioner for Enterprise Operations Service Delivery, State of Minnesota
Allen Dillon - Managing Director, CyberNB, Canada
Iñaki Velez de Guevara Rodriguez - Chief Technology Architect, Santillana, Spain
119730 - Cloud Management Tools AWS has management and automation capabilities to support organizations in the earliest stages of cloud adoption to organizations with some of the largest at-scale workloads. Come learn about the native AWS Cloud deployment, monitoring and management tools. We’ll discuss how to deploy a standardized infrastructure with Cloud Formation and OpsWorks, how to view the current configuration state of your AWS resources with AWS Config, how to manage EC2 instances and prevent configuration drift with EC2 Systems Manager, and how to investigate “what happened” with CloudTrail. We’ll also show ways to monitor the performance of your workloads with CloudWatch and discuss ways CloudWatch can be leveraged to increase overall performance. 50 Min Breakout Session Matt Fargano - Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Kyle Hart - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
119674 - Cloud Native, Cloud First and Hybrid: How Different Organizations are Approaching Cloud Adoption The implementation of highly scalable, easy-to-deploy technology is transforming the public sector, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Organizations begin their cloud adoption journeys in many ways. Some start with pilot projects and others jump into mission critical programs, but they are all starting with an existing infrastructure. Adopting cloud doesn’t mean scrapping it all and starting over. This session explores how organizations are using cloud while building on their existing technology and lessons they’ve learned along the way. 50 Min Breakout Session Sterling Beane Jr. - Cloud Executive Advisor, Amazon Web Services
Elizabeth Boudreau - Executive Advisor, Amazon Web Services
Craig Fox - Deputy Commissioner, Australian Taxation Office
Bret Dennis - Head of Product Management, HelioCampus
Ryan Frazier - Director, Systems Engineering & Operations, HBX | Harvard Business School
119650 - Configuration Management in the Cloud In order for your application to operate in a predictable manner in both your test and production environments, you must vigilantly maintain the configuration of your resources. By leveraging configuration management solutions, Dev and Ops engineers can define the state of their resources across their entire lifecycle. In this session, you will learn how to use AWS OpsWorks, AWS CodeDeploy, and AWS CodePipeline to build a reliable and consistent development pipeline that assures your production workloads behave in a predictable manner. 50 Min Breakout Session Alex Corley - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Brandon Bouier - Engineer, Defense Digital Service
119655 - Container Soup for Your Soul: The Microservice Edition, Building Deployment Tools to Align with your Engineering Culture The talk is the story of a Clever's journey to effectively use a container orchestration system (ECS) and a walk through decisions to create a simple and effective deployment pipeline. We will go through various aspects of building application deployment pipelines for microservices. Clever is an education technology company and we do hundreds of deployments of tens of thousands of containers every week to serve over 50% of K-12 public and private school districts in the US. 50 Min Breakout Session Mohit Gupta - Technical Product Manager, Infrastructure, Clever Inc.
119713 - Cost Efficiency Panel The Cost Efficiency discussion will focus on solutions to avoid or eliminate unnecessary costs or suboptimal resources and use the savings on differentiated benefits for your business. A cost-optimized system allows you to pay the best price possible while still achieving your business objectives and meeting or exceeding your business requirements. This discussion will provide in-depth, best-practice guidance for selecting the appropriate architecture and maximizing your AWS resources as efficiently as possible. 50 Min Breakout Session Blake Chism - Professional Services, Practice Manager, Amazon Web Services
Jay Littlepage - Vice President, Infrastructure & Operations, DigitalGlobe
John Evans - Deputy Chief Technology Officer, State of Maryland
Thomas Schaeffer - Chief Operating Officer & Assistant Commissioner for Enterprise Operations Service Delivery, State of Minnesota
119716 - Customer Driven Innovation: Driving Requirements at Scale The implementation of highly scalable, easy-to-deploy technology is radically transforming how public sector organizations interact with their constituents, including citizens, students, donors, and others. As these groups become more demanding of the technology from our customers, we listen to their requirements to keep us innovating and delivering on the speed, agility, flexibility and security they need. Join us for a unique discussion highlighting how our innovative customers’ requirements are driving how we deliver solutions and offerings at scale. They will discuss how a bigger pool of requirements actually foster better security, speed, and innovation posture. 50 Min Breakout Session Mark Ryland - Chief Architect, Amazon Web Services
Jay Littlepage - Vice President, Infrastructure & Operations, DigitalGlobe
Saman Michael Far - Senior Vice President, Technology, FINRA
119684 - Data Lakes & Advanced Analytics in C2S This session provides an overview of the analytics challenge as seen by a C2S customer. Attend this session and learn how the Customer Innovation Center is tackling the issue and helping customers to handle advanced analytics in C2S. We'll follow with a presentation of a Proof of Concept Analytic Architecture developed by AWS. 50 Min Breakout Session Troy Poppe - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Skip McCormick - Data Scientist, US Government
126407 - Deep Dive on Amazon EFS In this session we will review Amazon EFS and how it delivers fully managed, petabyte-scale file storage for Amazon EC2 instances. Large scale and consistent performance make Amazon EFS ideal for web and content serving, enterprise applications, media processing, container storage, and Big Data analytics use cases. Session attendees will learn how to identify appropriate applications for use with Amazon EFS, understand performance details and security models, and hear how established customers are using it in production. The target audience is file system administrators, application developers, and application owners that operate or build file-based applications that require consistent latencies at cloud scale. 50 Min Breakout Session Yong Kim - Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services
126393 - Deep Dive on Object Storage: Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier In this session, storage experts will walk you through Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier, bulk data repositories that can deliver 99.999999999% durability and scale past trillions of objects worldwide - with cost points competitive against tape archives. Learn about the different ways you can accelerate data transfer into S3 and get a close look at new tools to secure and manage your data more efficiently. See how Amazon Athena runs "query in place" analytics on your data and hear about the new expedited and bulk retrievals from Amazon Glacier. Learn how AWS customers have built solutions that turn their data from a cost into a strategic asset, and bring your toughest questions straight to our experts. 50 Min Breakout Session Marc Trimuschat - Head of BD, AWS Storage, Amazon Web Services
121672 - Deliver Your Agency Mission Faster With Learn how can help you deliver on federal government agency missions. is a shared service, built by and for the federal government, designed to help you deploy modern web applications in the cloud with substantially reduced infrastructure and security compliance work. is a self-service, Platform as a Service solution that helps you: (1) easily move existing prototypes to a production-ready environment, with reduced “time to ATO”; (2) transfer existing applications from data centers to make them more scalable and reduce costs; and (3) advance your agency’s use of the cloud by providing a place to prototype in a FedRAMP-authorized environment. developers, 18F, will explain its capabilities, what applications are best suited for, pricing, and more practical details that you need. has a FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) P-ATO at the Moderate level, and it leverages the AWS GovCloud FedRAMP JAB P-ATO. This session is for both government agency teams and commercial companies that support the federal government. No technical experience is necessary. 50 Min Breakout Session Nicci Williams - Senior Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services
Britta Gustafson - Acting Deputy Director of, GSA
Shashank Khandelwal - Acting Director of, 18F Consulting, GSA
119732 - Demystifying Storage on AWS You wouldn't use a scooter to help someone move; likewise, there is no one-size-fits-all data storage solution. AWS provides a wide variety of storage services to address the spectrum of needs, from casual users saving photos to mission-critical, specialized databases utilized at the largest private and public sector entities. This session will give you an overview of these storage offerings, provide you with the groundwork to match these to your use cases. 50 Min Breakout Session Kyle Hart - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Dave Cuthbert - Prinicipal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
119681 - Deploy a DoD Secure Cloud Computing Architecture Environment in AWS The Department of Defense's Secure Cloud Computing Architecture (SCCA) guidance provides DoD mission owners the security requirements for building a DoD compliant and secure application environment in the cloud. This session will review the DoD Cloud Security Requirements Guide and the DoD SCCA pillars and how they apply to AWS services. We will demonstrate how to build a DoD SCCA environment through automation and configuration management tools as well as discuss how to document security controls implementations. We will answer common questions, such as: how do we connect to a DoD Cloud Access Point? How do we implement a least privilege access control model? And how do we automate security event notifications and remediate issues? This session is designed for both technical and information assurance professionals that want to understand the process to move DoD systems into AWS, secure them, and get them accredited. 50 Min Breakout Session Jim Caggy - Manager | DoD Solutions, Amazon Web Services
John Eubank - Director of Program Management Office, Enlighten IT
119649 - DevOps on AWS: Accelerating Software Delivery with AWS Developer Tools Software release cycles are now measured in days instead of months. Cutting-edge companies are continuously delivering high-quality software at a fast pace. In this session, you will learn how to begin your DevOps journey through best practices and tools used by the "two pizza" engineering teams at Amazon. We will showcase how you can accelerate developer productivity by implementing continuous integration and delivery workflows. We will also cover an introduction to AWS CodeStar, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeDeploy - the services inspired by Amazon's internal developer tools and DevOps practice. 50 Min Breakout Session Jim Caggy - Manager | DoD Solutions, Amazon Web Services
Carleton Jillson, Mitre
Michèle Causey - Director of User Experience and Design, Office of Online Services, Internal Revenue Service
119656 - DevOps on Windows: How to Deploy Complex Windows Workloads In this session, you will learn how to deploy complex Windows workloads and ways AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, and AWS CodeDeploy enable you to automate your Windows application life-cycle management. We will also discuss the monitoring, logging, and automatically scaling of Windows applications. 50 Min Breakout Session Akhtar Hossain - Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
125232 - DevOps Tooling & Policy as a Way for Government Modernization In order to keep up with the changes in technology, Government agencies are looking to build a workforce that understands and embraces modern development practices, including DevOps and Collaboration. Embracing these concepts not only means understanding what the technology is but also the tools and culture needed to truly transform. In this talk, hear from GitHub and Federal practitioners on ways to modernize the way your agency builds software. 50 Min Breakout Session Will St. Clair - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Jamie Jones - Government Solutions Lead, GitHub
119705 - Dynamic Business Logic with Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Letting Your Data Build Your System Advancements in data and analytics, hardware acceleration, and advanced libraries and services in Machine Learning and Deep Learning have unleashed the power to learn your business logic rather than “try to code" for it. In this session, we’ll dive into design paradigms and architectures that allow you to drive your logic from your data and add intelligence to your applications. The session will describe the key ways customers build intelligent AI systems starting with AWS AI Services, then platforms, and lastly libraries. 50 Min Breakout Session Ben Snively - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Chris Adzima - Sr. Information Systems Analyst, Washington County Sheriff's Department
119697 - #EarthOnAWS Organizations around the world are facing a "data tsunami" as next-generation sensors produce enormous volumes of Earth observation data. Come learn how NASA is leveraging AWS to efficiently work with data and computing resources at massive scales. NASA is transforming its Earth Sciences EOSDIS (Earth Observing System Data Information System) program by moving data processing and archiving to the cloud. NASA anticipates that their Data Archives will grow from 16PB today to over 400PB by 2023 and 1 Exabyte by 2030, and they are moving to the cloud in order to scale their operations for this new paradigm. 50 Min Breakout Session Jed Sundwall - Lead Open Data Program, Amazon Web Services
Kevin Murphy - Program Executive Earth Science Data Systems, NASA
119666 - Enterprise Collaboration with the AWS Work Suite Amazon WorkMail, WorkDocs, and Chime allow customers to quickly deploy enterprise-grade communication tools while enabling strong security controls and integrating with your existing user directory. You will learn how to use WorkMail and WorkDocs to share information with colleagues and customers using familiar desktop and mobile platforms. We’ll also demonstrate the powerful collaboration features of Amazon Chime including private and group messaging as well as remote screen and application sharing. 50 Min Breakout Session Eric Schwenter - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Michael Hall - Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
119679 - FedRAMP Accelerated: An Update with GSA & A year ago, FedRAMP introduced a redesigned authorization process called FedRAMP Accelerated. This new authorization process was developed to shorten the authorization timeframe to less than six months and increase the delivery of more federal cloud solution workloads. As soon as FedRAMP Accelerated launched, the US General Services Administration (GSA) used this new redesign to advance, which runs on AWS GovCloud (US). It is now the first fully open source FedRAMP solution that has achieved a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) at the moderate impact level from the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB). With, government agencies can: (1) Quickly deploy applications that comply with federal policies — without needing to manage infrastructure. (2) Run scalable cloud-native applications. (3) Try experiments: build and test prototypes without adding extra expense. (4) Shorten the path to ATO (Authority to Operate) for applications hosted on Applications inherit the compliance of the P-ATO, so only the applications need to be comprehensively assessed to receive ATO. Come learn about and how it can help your agency. Listen to best practices and how they worked with FedRAMP through the FedRAMP Accelerated process. 50 Min Breakout Session Jennifer Gray - Security Assurance Manager, Amazon Web Services
Shashank Khandelwal - Acting Director of, 18F Consulting, GSA
Ashley Mahan - FedRAMP Agency Evangelist, GSA
Claudio Belloli - FedRAMP Program Manager for Cybersecurity, GSA
Britta Gustafson - Acting Deputy Director of, GSA
127839 - FOR PARTNERS: Best Practices- How to Succeed as an AWS Public Sector Partner In this session, we will host a panel discussion to discuss the best practices for growing a partner business in the public sector. This will include leadership representatives from the AWS Partner and Sales organizations, who will share their experiences and guidance on what works best. 50 Min Breakout Session Dan Kasun - Sr. Manager, WW Public Sector ISV Channel, AWS
Doug VanDyke - General Director of US Federal & Nonprofits, Amazon Web Services
Jane Lacy - Senior Manager, Emerging Partners, Amazon Web Services
Nathan McGuirt - Solutions Architect Manager, Amazon Web Services
Kelly Hartman - AWS Global Head of APN Partner Programs, AWS
127823 - FOR PARTNERS: How to Build and Grow Your Business with the APN This session will provide an overview of AWS Partner Network (APN) and programs available to partners - whether you are in the APN or are interested in joining- who want to accelerate their business with government, education, and nonprofit customers. This will include an outline of our Public Sector Partner program and the opportunity for partners to differentiate themselves via APN Competency, MSP, and Service Delivery achievement, as well as resources available to help partners drive and deliver more business. 50 Min Breakout Session Ali Benn - Public Sector Global Head of Education Partner Program, Amazon Web Services
Kristine Henley - Manager, WWPS Partner Programs, AWS Public Sector Sales, Amazon Web Services
Kelly Hartman - AWS Global Head of APN Partner Programs, AWS
Scott Drossos - President, Infiniti Consulting Group
121671 - FPGA Accelerated Computing Using AWS F1 Instances The availability of FPGA instances on AWS, combined with improved cloud-based FPGA programming tools, provides researchers, application developers, and startups with a well-tested, standardized, and accessible platform for hardware accelerated computing. This session introduces the F1 FPGA cloud-based instances, walks through a typical development and deployment process, and highlights a number of use cases in domains including genomics, video processing, text search, and financial computing. 50 Min Breakout Session David Pellerin - Business Development Principal for High Performance Computing, Amazon Web Services
Eric Stahlberg - Strategic and Data Science Initiatives Director, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
119701 - Get Started Today with Cloud-Ready Contracts In this session, we provide an overview of existing cloud-ready contracts, such as cooperative, federal, and state directed contracts, and walk through steps on how to choose the right one for your procurement. We compare various cloud-ready contracts by identifying scope, end-user eligibility, and primary service offerings to help you make the right choice for your mission needs. 50 Min Breakout Session Jane Lacy - Senior Manager, Emerging Partners, Amazon Web Services
125808 - Governance @ Scale: Compliance Automation in AWS You did it! You've made the decision to migrate, but governance is slowing you down. Traditionally, IT governance has required long, detailed documents and hours of work, until now. AWS and Trend Micro are helping enterprises today to seamlessly overcome, and automate, the top three barriers you face when scaling governance; Account Management, Cost Enforcement and Compliance Automation. Join this session and get a peek at the inner workings of the AWS & Trend Micro Governance @ scale solution that helps you quickly deliver high-impact controls in an automated, repeatable fashion. 50 Min Breakout Session Brett Miller - Technical Program Manager | EEC, Amazon Web Services
Bryan Webster - Principal Architect, Trend Micro
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